by Adrian Roye

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A spoken track for the victims of the Orlando Shootings on 12th June 2016.


We were all dancing that night
We were the beat of the drum
We were the sub of the bass line
We were the glance from the eyes of that stranger so fine
So fine that surely they'd decline
The invitation
Like all kind people would
But you're of the kind who has chosen to strike
to choose
as in subject to change
You selected a passage to channel your rage
Selected a view of the great unknown
Like the love of two people

Two people you had no need to see
If you did
turn your eyes
Have a thought should you need
What you didn't need was to take in your hands
The lives
And no place of love understands
No place of love understands
You chose the venue
The audience to show
What you'll never see
What you'll never know
Is that we who love will carry our light
Like the brothers and sisters we carried that night
We are one you see
Its you whose the other
Or at least you were
Now your just a stain
On the floor we'll dance away on
Dancing for them
to the beat of the drum
To the sub of the bass line


released June 13, 2016
Written and performed by Adrian Roye 12/06/16



all rights reserved


Adrian Roye London, UK

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